Milwaukee, Wisconsin restaurant - rustic european cuisine inspired by fresh local ingredients


The Story of the Wolf Peach

The story begins in 1519, when Hernán Cortés came ashore to the Costa Rican gardens of Montezuma and discovered what we now know as the tomato. He took the seeds back to Europe where they were ornamental curiosities, but not eaten. Throughout northern Europe, the tomato was considered to be poisonous. The wealthy dined on pewter; the acid in tomatoes reacted with the metal resulting in lead poisoning and death. Poor people ate from plates made of wood and were unaffected, so tomatoes became a poor man’s food. German folklore associates this nightshade plant with witches and werewolves, coining a scientific name which literally translates to “Wolf Peach”.

Wolf Peach – Milwaukee

Wolf Peach celebrates not only the tomato but the many European cultures that the “wolf peach” traveled to and inspired local rustic cuisine. To pay homage to our name, our menu features signature dishes in every category, including dessert, that honors the tomato.

“Roots” is defined as “something that is an origin or source.” From the former Roots Restaurant has grown a new experience, a new venture, a new beginning.

Our Opening Date

On October 31, 1548 the Grand Duke of Tuscany received a basket of tomatoes deemed edible sent from his Florentine estate. On this day some 464 years later, we celebrate the Wolf Peach as a new dining experience in Milwaukee.


“Como Viene”

Simply, “as it comes.” Our service is casual and communal. Dishes are served as soon as they are finished, ensuring that they are fresh, bright and ready 
to share.